Bethany Sweetheart Dinner-2010

Bethany Sweetheart Dinner 2010

Each year, the Bethany Baptist Family Ministry team hosts its annual “Sweethearts Banquet” on or near Valentine’s Day to celebrate God’s first covenant with humanity. Bethany couples (married, widowed or engaged) share memories and stories, a catered meal or potluck dinner, and some local entertainment around the marriage theme.

Over the years, we’ve heard from Mikel Williams, a  Christian comedian; a Christian youth group, the Kingdom Drama Group; singer Bob Thompson (twice); the Gardner Women’s Quartet; 2Pluschange, a Christian folk duo; on year, we watched a Focus on the Family program called “Date Night Challenge” to kick off our 11th year together. See more below.

Marriage is the harmony of God synchronizing two wills with the will of the Father.”
Ravi Zacharias, “I, Isaac, Take Thee, Rebekah.”

We’ve had our dinners catered at the church by members, had a buffet at the King Phillip Restaurant, and held pot-trust suppers on our own.

2013 Sweethearts Banquet-1

Bethany Sweetheart Banquet 2013

Each year is different and always an enjoyable time of Cross Oer Valentinesfellowship and learning. We often invite speakers and performers from the area who can support the Biblical marriage theme. In 2016, the dinner was held on February 13th, and spiritual nourishment was provided by the singing duo of Terri G and David Niles from Cross O’er Ministries. Listen to their music here.

In 2017, Pastor Jeff and Debbie Tibbets offered their vision of marriage through a variety of activities and mementos. Each year, the couples attending bring in photos and other memorabilia to share with the church family.

Jeff Tibbets Presenting

Dinner table

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