Church Picnic 3The annual church picnic is a memorable occasion during which families relax and enjoy an afternoon outdoors together, sharing food, conversation, and playing games. It takes place following the Rally and Promotion Day service on the first Sunday after Labor Day. It’s been held at a variety of locations over the years, including the Straight Ahead Academy in Hubbardston MA, the Templeton Fish and Game Club at Partridgeville Pond, the Westminster Swedish Center, and Camp Collier in Gardner, and most recently, Dunn Park in Gardner (2016). Last year, new member Kyote Oxford was baptized in Dunn Pond by Pastor George A. Kohl. 

Dunn State Park, 2016

Kyote Oxford baptism 09-11-16





Camp Collier, 2015


09 Picnic-10 Bubbles 09 Picnic-09 Hoola hooping 09 Picnic-08 Play talk 09 Picnic-06 Water sports 09 Picnic-02 Fellowshipping