Click this link to display the directory online or to download it: 10-10-18 BBC Directory Contacts Only.Animated Green Updated This version includes changes to members’ information since the last version (09-22-18). This version is 10 pages long and just includes anniversaries, birthdays and members’ contact information — no photos (vs. the full directory of 28 pages).

If you wish to have the full directory (with photos), you may download this version: BBC Directory 10-10-18.  Animated Green Updated

Email to receive the password. (It has not changed since it was first published in 2016.)


The original directory was posted here on 8/12/16; as the webmaster receives updates and corrections, a new version is generated and uploaded here. Download or view the latest version from here to ensure you always have the most accurate information. The password does not change from the original one. You may view or download either the abbreviated version with just the member contact information or the full directory with photos and other sections.


You must enter the password you have received separately in your email to display the directory on your computer or device screen. Memorize the password or keep it handy, but do not keep it in a public place where others may see it and please do not share it with non-members. Also, please do not leave your printed directory where non-members may see it. Our church brochure is available to help you tell others about what Bethany Baptist Church offers them. We are each responsible for maintaining the security of the directory with members’ contact information in it.


You need a PDF reader installed on your computer or device for this to work. If you do not have one, there are several free ones to choose from. Download the one you want to use and follow the installation instructions. [Note: The download screens may include several additional options that come with the Reader applications. Deselect them (click on the box with the checkmark) if you don't want them to download along with the Reader.]


If you want to search for someone in the directory, you will need to download the PDF file to your local device. Then you can search by name, phone number, street address, etc., by entering the search information into the “Find” or “Search” box in the menu toolbar. Its location in the top menu line will vary, depending on which PDF application you use.