BCNS Policies
Monthly Program


The School

Bethany Christian Nursery School is a non-profit school licensed with the Department of Early Education and Care, 10 Austin St., Worcester, MA 01609;  (508) 798-5180. Our school is licensed for 24 children ages 2.9 years to 7.0 years.

Board of Directors

President, Secretary, Treasurer,  Health Consultant,  Director/Teacher


1 Director/Teacher
2 Qualified Teachers

All teachers are certified in CPR and First Aid and participate in early childhood workshops during the school year.

Our Philosophy of Education

Bethany Christian Nursery School (BCNS) is organized for the purpose of helping to meet the needs of early childhood by providing enriching opportunities to develop every area of growth in the young child’s life.

The door to nursery school opens the way to living in a larger group than the intimate family, introducing, in an atmosphere of security, the delights and demands of a child’s ever-expanding world. We wish to help each child make the difficult transition from being “the whole world” to becoming “a valuable part of God’s great universe,” with the capacity to relate pleasantly and work harmoniously with others.

Our objective is that each child’s progress toward independence will bring positive feelings of self-worth and pride in personal achievement. We are hopeful that then the acquiring of more rights will be balanced by the assumption of more responsibilities in consideration for people and caring for property.

It is our Christian concern that each child come to a full realization of being a special person, loved by us and by God, who is always near and ever caring. We trust that each child’s response will be a desire to live kindly, thoughtfully, and purposefully, enjoying the many blessings of life now and in the years to come.

Tuition & Fees

Current Fees:

  • Registration: $40
  • 2-Day Program Tuition: $110 per month
  • 3-Day Program Tuition: $150 per month

Tuition Payments

Tuition payments should be received by the first of every month and no later than the seventh regardless of the date on the check or money order. The corresponding Payment Coupon should accompany monthly tuition payments.

For those of you who start in September and pay the first and last month’s tuition in August, April is your last payment.

Special Notice from the Treasurer

  • Use Payment Coupon (ask if you need new ones)
    “No Cash” please. Checks only !
    Call me if payment issues arise (Joanie Elbourn 978-632-4731).

Please DO NOT mail your tuition to the Treasurer’s address. You may use the mailbox at school to deposit your tuition, or mail it to our school’s address: 72 Ryan St./Gardner, MA 01440.

BCNS Weekly Morning Program Schedule

2-Day A.M. Program: 3 & 4-year-olds; Tues. & Thurs.: 8:45-11:45

3-Day A.M. Program: 4 & 5-year-olds; Mon.-Wed.-Fri.: 8:45-11:45

BCNS Daily Sessions & Other Programs

These are some of the daily activities and regular programs you can expect your children to experience throughout the year:

  • CIRCLE TIME: We take attendance, do calendar, weather and discuss special topics and the day’s schedule.
  • FREE PLAY: Children are free to choose to play in the different rooms and centers and are encouraged to participate in crafts, painting, gluing, baking, etc. Planned by the Staff.
  • SNACK TIME: Daily snacks and a drink are to be supplied by each parent for their child(ren).
  • BIBLE TIME & SINGING: Stories are told from the Old and New Testaments. Christian and secular songs are taught.
  • OUTDOOR PLAY: Spring and fall outdoor play includes sand, chalk, bikes, bubbles, etc., and teacher-directed activities.
  • INDOOR PLAY: Wintertime play includes teacher-directed activities such as circle games, movement and music, parachute activities, etc.

Parents receive progress reports twice a year.

Parties and special programs include: Harvest Party, Christmas Party and Program, Valentine’s Day Party, Mother’s Day Social, and Closing Program.